Born To Make Indonesian Coffee Great

MULATOZ is a brand for coffee roaster machine that was found in Indonesia. Having the manufacturing experience since 2003, our focus is to create the finest coffee roaster machine. With competency and sophisticated machinery facility for metal sheet, our team has the commitment to develop a coffee roaster that can be the aspiration for every roastery.

Every machine is produced with modern manufacturing technology under the supervision of professional expert. Robust and user-friendly design will facilitate operators in operating the machine and also make the maintenance easier so that a premium roaster image is created for MULATOZ customers.

We have a mission to support the industry in processing agro ingredients especially in processing and roasting coffee, as well as to help create a market for local coffee suppliers. Therefore, the processed products have added value that can be utilized by domestic market and they can also be exported to other ASEAN countries. Our knowledge is not only on selling coffee roaster machine, but also on helping our customers connect with related partnering industry such as Coffee & Cocoa Institute, funding institution, cafe business owners, roastery along with its roasters and baristas and commodity traders

MULATOZ is the solution for the coffee industry players in Indonesia to increase the productivity and also the quality of roasted beans produced.